Art Critical Text

Recently on the Italian artistic scene an original American artist is affirming, skilled in to create dream atmospheres. Her name is Amy Cohen Banker and she is not only a painter. Amy is an eclectic woman, endowed with great creativeness, that loves the art in all artistic expressions: from the photo to the sketch, from the sculpture to the painting, from the installation to the watercolor and even the poetry and the literature.

Her paintings are little hidden worlds that have a universal interest for the human history through a new language and a “capricious” style. Whims of author are these expressions of line of Amy, autonomous and frantic in their rebellious movements. Her paintings are suspended between reality and imagination, between abstraction and figuration and they transport symbolic colors on the dream dimension.

From “ Sleeping Song ” a clean, clear and bright painting emerges. The white brushstrokes sometimes break the stains of color on the pictorial surface, creating some magnificent sources of light, where the eye stops for a long time and in depth to the search of a metaphysical entity.

The art work “ Darkness Falls ” provokes strong emotions for the sure and trembling line. The beauty of the white splendidly dominates the cloth hiding the green and brown color. This painting is realized with the tones sudden and not gradual. Here we feel the expressive strength of Amy Cohen Banker and her artistic passion.

Also the pictorial language of the artist American is eclectic and this very articulated style is seen in “ Aphrodite ”, where the precious subject flies toward the universal harmony of the color

Prof. Salvatore Recco