Amy Cohen Banker’s painting emanates from a desire for absolute freedom. The freedom she seeks consists in a deep sense of inner reality. She captures the passion and the pain of life putting in the image something that escapes words. If we compare the creative state to riding a bicycle with no hands Banker’s works are the exact testimony of this assertion.  She is very confident with her emotions and like a musician can play perfectly the keyboard of her emotions. Strong brush, strong energy surrounds the energy field, which is full of light and color. Color is the main protagonist of her work and a veritable topography of her inner self.  For Amy Cohen Banker painting is not a speculation of the mind or the intellect but is a gesture uncontaminated that comes from within. Her world reveals tenderness, strong vital energy and immeasurable desire to feel part of the whole. She keeps pushing and exploring human vulnerability and life experiences and each stroke carries an expressive energy, which reveals her state of being. To Amy Banker the truth of the painting is not in the power to represent but in the power to evoke an inner truth - a spiritual reality beyond the immediate.